Suzuki GSXR1300R Hayabusa Flash Tuning Kit



Includes the TuneBoy USB cable for simple and fast flashing/tuning after installation of a 4 wire harness to ECU plug. All OEM connections, no cutting or splicing required

TuneBoy Advance Kit With TUNING. Supports TuneBoy quick-shifter for clutchless up shift (*Requires strain gauge quick shifter – sold separately). This kit provides the user with a TuneBoy Denso module for connecting between PC and the motorcycle diagnostic plug. The software allows you to create custom mapping for your motorcycle or you can use it to load one of our trim files created on the dyno. This is for the MT07 and FZ07.

Use this option if you already have the TuneBoy cable and just want to purchase a Tune/ECU key to allow custom maps to be loaded to another bike - no need to buy the complete kit.

Features For The Gen 2 Hayabusa Flash Tune

  • Launch Control - Insane Control & Full Adjustability
  • Live Tuning - Flash ECU once then tune the motorcycle without having to switch off once - truly world class functionality, one of a kind
  • Quick shifter support  extra $550 - no cutting or splicing of wiring plugs directly into the OEM o2 sensor plug, pro design
  • De-restriction 
  • Disable o2 Sensor & Closed Loop Mapping Properly
  • Eliminate Decel Fuel-Cut
  • Full Thermo Fan Temp Adjustability
  • Rev Limit Settings
  • Full Turbo Support - Unparalleled Software design & Functionality
  • Live Ignition Tuning
  • Live Secondary Throttle Mapping
  • Live Injector Split Mapping
Trim files flashed into ECU

The TuneBoy Suzuki software is truly a world class feature rich product - also available for other models, please contact us for details

Full Dyno tuning services also available in 2 locations - contact us for details

End User Product

For use by yourself and/or your capable technician. Support options available HERE for purchase and recommended unless prior experience editing & flashing ECU's