Vortex ECU Tuning - Motocross


Dyno Dom Custom Tunes EFI Motorcross Models Using The Vortex ECU - we carry out all required modifications to achieve the best results. There is no better way to dial in your EFI Off-Road/Adventure/Race motorcycle. 

This package is perfect for anyone who wants to get the most out of their EFI applicable motorcycle on the road or track. The package includes a tunable Vortex ECM, a license for tuning and supporting files for the ECM where we then tune your motorcycle to suit your requirements & modifications.

Some customers may already have a programmable Vortex ECU and are looking for a tune to bring their motorcycle to its best performance. - Select this option.

Call if you have any questions  0422300996 - Dom 

Prices Include Fitting, Setting Up For Tune & Full Custom Dyno Tune 

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