About Us

Located in beautiful Port Macquarie NSW, we operate from 144 Lake Road from Tuesday to Friday and work by appointment on week-ends.

Protech Motorcycles is the home of DynoDom. Over 30 years of experience & enthusiasm backed with a plethora of factory training but more importantly, life experience, on a wide variety of brands & models, awaits you and assists us to get the job done properly every time.

Dom has, from the onset, taken on and thrived on tuning, electrical & the more intricate diagnostic issues in this industry and we have slowly but surely steered the core business towards specialising in tuning & premium model motorcycle servicing.

Did we mention we are tool whores? We have invested heavily, in a broad variety of tuning products & tooling and continue to do so, to get the job done for you as accurately & with the best results possible. We are geared up with the right equipment and knowledge and back it up with superior service & support.

We are now also offering dealer training and support for any tuning product purchased through our shop.

There have been many "one-offs" and tune jobs where we firmly believe, no-one else in this country would have bothered to finish/conquer.

Bring your motorcycle to us for tuning - We will take care of your machine and take the utmost pride in our work. On many occasions the time & effort spent far outweighs what we charge. We are constantly testing ourselves and therefor improving our methods & results. 

We tune every motorcycle from scratch - every time. We take the time to set-up for the job properly, every time. Do not send your ECU in for a flash, there's a reason we don't re-use ANY files. If your dyno tuner sticks a sniffer pipe up the exhaust - find someone that doesn't.

With the new reduced priced pickup & delivery service for just $99, there's never been a better time to use our services. 

 Thanks for taking the time to read this page.... make a booking today & experience just how good an EFI motorcycle can be...


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Please bring your motorcycle in with a full tank of fuel.

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