TuneBoy ECU Tuning - Suzuki


Tuneboy Custom ECU Mapping/Tuning Suzuki

  •  Extensive Experience With TuneBoy
  •  Many Models Covered
  •  Live Mapping On Most Models = Better Tuning Results
  •  Turbo Tuning Available For Select Models With Custom Software Mods
  •  Product Support Available
  •  Closely Affiliated With TuneBoy For Unparalleled Service/Support

  • Live mapping
  • Cruise control (applicable models)
  • Auto tuning
  • Extra power modes (Not all models)
  • Strain gauge Quick Shifter (Applicable Models) Factory Connections,, no cutting/splicing of wiring & directly supported by software  - means no bulky add-on harnesses. Ultra pro installation
  • Auto Blip using Strain gauge Quick Shifter (Applicable Models)
  • Launch Control (Applicable Models)
  • Live Secondary Throttle Adjustments (Applicable Models)
  • Live Injector Split Mapping (Applicable Models)
  • Live Ignition Tuning
  • Live Velocity Stack Tuning (Applicable Models)


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